The 1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Source
Also photos and materals for all Buicks from 1904-1935

May 30th, 2010
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Kevin Johnson Model 44
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If you have a manual that you have in electronic form, please share it with us. Help the Buick restorer determine if the manual he wants to buy will actually help. Email me and Ill put it online.

If you have literature for sale, please email me. Lets talk.


Need some additional photos and basic specs to finish filling out the Models section for model years 1908-1928 and 1930-1935.
Can you help? Im sure I can dig it all up, but would help if others can help.

Would like factory photos or line drawings with reduced specs like the brass years or detailed specs as shown for 1929.


Im looking for 4 or 5 high quality photos (current in color) of each model. If you have issues uploading, please email them to photos @ 1929buick . com. Consider that for your only dues.


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